How the Roblox QA Team benefited developers. And the future of QA on Roblox.

2 min readMay 10, 2022


If you have ever worked on a Roblox game, chances are you were recommended to have your game tested. The Roblox QA team, full of all volunteers, was ready to step in and help you out. We here at LearnEdu wanted to shine some spotlight on how the volunteers, part of the QA team, felt they contributed to the Roblox game development process.

Well, I think that QA as a whole benefitted developers by showing them that every game has flaws. Even if they didn’t actually submit a game themselves, just seeing the process of letting a bunch of random people go in and rip apart a game I think really helped some developers see just how much players will notice and what players actually want. Though I think from a tester’s perspective, I think bridging the gap between what a Roblox player sees and what a developer intends goes a long way toward development.

I’m very proud of every single tester’s performance throughout the many years of the QA Program’s time. So many incredible developers have brought their experiences to our team & each time, even with the testing, everyone involved manage to genuinely have fun as well. There have been a many games I remember re-testing & actually seeing very fantastic improvements, which made me smile every time I saw that happen. Developers love seeing their playerbase happy, and having the right team of wonderful QA Testers can help make that dream come to reality.

Even with the conclusion of the Roblox QA team, many studios have begun to create their own independent QA to stay on top of their quality assurance aspect as part of their development process. Studios like MELON have taken in many developers who were part of Roblox QA to essentially allow them to have a new home to carry out their tasks.

It is safe to say that the Roblox QA team won’t be forgotten for the incredible advice they provided to developers and the added value they had to make games the best they could be. We here at LearnEdu believe that the QA process is one of the most beneficial steps in the game development process as it allows you to find the issues you as a developer don’t see.

LearnEdu will strive to promote the QA aspect of game development, and will even take it upon itself to create its own in-house QA program. To create a safe area for developers to come and receive educational and constructive feedback for their games.

Thank you for reading!